I have written about Valentine's Day in the past, but never been really concreted about my feelings until now. For the past few days, I have thought about all my years I have experienced and there were a lot of ... thoughts to what I have felt. While I was always a little pissed at the people that were always against the holiday, I could never pinpoint why I was mad at them for feeling this way. For some reason, I received clarity on what kind of feelings I have for this holiday.

I remember when growing up that we used to have projects involving pink and red construction paper. We used to hang our own little mailboxes with our names. It was no matter who was popular, who was cute, and who had a crush on you. On that day alone, everyone got a little piece of mail with a sweet that told you that you were a good friend, that you were nice, and that this a little cheap gift for you because you just are that special. And just for that day, you were included and someone did think of you, even if the generic message on that card was printed and delivered to your mailbox was the same for everyone else.

Now as grownups, we kinda lost that special feeling. I miss it and you can't dismiss it so quickly.

"It's a capitalist holiday. It's corporate America trying to make us buy shit." If you say this, please tell me you also don't celebrate Christmas, shop Black Friday, look for fireworks for the July 4th, and buy drinks for Cinco De Mayo. If you're going to leave an angry comment, remember that someone paid for that computer that you are on and before you blast me, you are participating in capitalism just by leaving me a comment. You can't put down a holiday so easily because of the money hungry companies that want a chunk of your money and participate in capitalism at the same time.

"Why celebrate your significant other on one day a year?" Do you any of you actually give a flying shit about your significant other the other 364 days out of the year? How many of you actually celebrate your SO everyday? It's a rarity and I'm afraid to see nobody give their partners flowers everyday and to be celebrating them every day. This is one day out of the year that people are asking to be celebrated and wooed with a little bit of romance.

Valentine’s is a sexist holiday. Why do girls want all the attention when guys don’t get shit?” Excuse me, I didn’t hear you over the burping, farting, PS3 Guitar Hero jamming, and grunts. With all cock mockery aside, I think that I know more women that financially takes care of their husbands/boyfriends than the other way around. It’s actually is nice when their significant others actually spring for a dinner bill once in a while. When the male is so determined to make the girl feel guilty about wanting to be noticed on this day, it's a wonder why the feeling of attention is not reciprocated back. 

It’s the perfect time of the year to finally confess the crush that you have, to express that you do appreciate the love that you have, and buy the little sweethearts that finally has come around. There is something special about seeing that girl smile because a single (or dozen) red flower that has escorted its way into her class or work. Single acts of kind love towards someone that you know and wrap your arm around in a single day can change the way the course runs in your relationship.

And Valentine’s Day was and is a holiday that is innocent, loving, and sweet. Don’t give reasons not to celebrate who you are with because you are just not someone believes in that. It’s bitter having so much content about having to buy something for someone else. Don’t be cheap, but don’t overcompensate. Don’t be lazy about having to do something because laziness leads to being bitter and resentment. Your girlfriend that has to constantly answer, “Nothing” to the question “What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day” is actually embarrassing and hurtful. And the boyfriend that didn’t be reciprocated on this day can be ego blow. It works both ways to be appreciated, remembered and love throughout the day. Believe in celebrating your partner because they are someone that deserves to be celebrated. Buy some roses, get some dinner, and just say that you love them. They deserve a little bit of that. At least this one day a year.